Car Amplifier on Wooden Box
June 22, 2020
STEALTH ST-6901 High Performance 6.95 ” Double Din DVD Player.
August 24, 2020


RM480.00 RM195.00



AUXDIO ADB-1010X1V : 10” (25cm) High Power Dual 4-ohm Subwoofer With Wooden Box And 700W Amplifier (Three in One).

  • The cheapest powerful 10″ double coils subwoofer + amplifier + subwoofer’s box in the market. All three items in one price at RM195.
  • This is an AuXdio Amplified 10″ (25cm) Subwoofer. It is easy to install in the trunk to give you more powerful sub bass. What you need to do is to link your head unit with RCA or high input to the amplifier on the wooden box with a power supply using #4 gauge power cable. The power is good enough to rock you in the car. Amplifier power output at 700W peak and 350W RMS. The 10″ subwoofer is a high power subwoofer that can produce low frequency bass sound.SPECIFICATIONS

    1. Woofer (AD1093D4)

    • Paper cone woofer2
    • 2″ (50mm) Dual 4-ohm 4 Layers Voice Coil
    • 2-ohm Impedance
    • 50 Oz Magnet

    2. Amplifier

    • 600W Peak, 350W RMS Mono 2-ohm

    3. Enclosure

    • 15mm Chipboard
    • Square Port (1”WX4”HX9”L)

    4. Grill

    • Metal Chromed Steel Bars