February 21, 2020
COUCAR Amplified 10″ (25cm) Subwoofer with 700W Power Amplifier and Solid Wooden Box.
June 17, 2020


RM33.40 RM16.70


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SIERRA , a real audio interconnect! Designed as an afforable, dynamic alternative to cheap noisy cable. SIERRA RCA cables improves the audio experience in any mobile audio system – most importantly, yours. SIERRA cables are the noise free link between your source unit and your amps or components that use RCA type ( low – level) connection. A nice blister pad packing to protect the RCA cable during the delivery. All RCA we send out will have strict QC check to ensure the cable has no problem on signal transfer.


– Chromed Silver Copper Fit Collar to provide uniform contact and strong fit.

– Molded Body to have total air sealed capability.

– Split Center Pin to ensure superior surface contact for better sound transfer.

– Thick PVC Jacket to protect against automotive interference noise.

– Oxygen Free Copper to eliminate oxidation that cause corrosion and signal loss.